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22 November 2008

Big Guns coming out for Sony BMG Music v. Tenenbaum

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I’ve been meaning to write about the effort put forth by veritable law legend Charlie Nesson and his Harvard Law Evidence class to quash the subpoenas brought by the RIAA in one of the Boston-centered filesharing lawsuits that still fill the courts today. Sometime over the break I hope to put forth his argument in clear terms here, as I find it very compelling, but sadly again work keeps my attention on other fields of law for the time being.

For now, aside from offering you a very interesting and somewhat voyeristic exchange between counsels posted up on eon (the blog of Nesson’s web avitar), I can also provide you with part of the defense witness list put together in the case of Sony BMG Music v. Tenenbaum. The list includes:

John Perry Barlow – lyricist for the Grateful Dead, founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Prof. Johan Pouwelse – major P2P expert, and repeated expert witness in filesharing trials

Prof. Lawrence Lessig – see my post from this morning

Matthew Oppenheim – former senior VP of the RIAA, prosecuting attorney in Arista v. Does 1-19 (D.C. Cir.)

Prof. Terry Fisher – Berkman Center director, author of music industry required reading Promises to Keep.

Prof. Wendy Seltzer – Berkman Fellow, ICANN representative, and founder of Chilling Effects

Prof. John Palfrey – Executive Director of the Berkman Center, author, and principal investigator for the OpenNet Initiative

Prof. Jonathan Zittrain – Berkman Co-Founder, author, co-counsel for plaintiffs (with Lessig) in Eldred v. Ashcroft.

Andrew Grant – former antipiracy specialist at Macrovision

The last time I saw these names in one room was the Berkman@10 conference. This is virtually every big gun in the copyright reformist world (save maybe Cory Doctorow, Jessica Litman, and a few others). This will be a landmark case for the RIAA lawsuits. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the trial dates on this one (assuming, of course, the case withstands Nesson’s attacks).

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